Maile & Pikake

Corteva Agriscience

Case Lombardi & Pettit

Enterprise Holdings


Hawaiian Islands Medical

The Queen's Health Systems

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District 5000

Law Office of Elizabeth A. Kane, LLC

Lost on Lanai


AG Sonya Mendez

Rotary District 5130
DG Kathy Flamson

Rotary District 5330
DGE Barry Valdez

PDG Del Green

Rotary District 5160
DG Tina Akins

Rotary District 5340
DG Marta Knight

PP Mary Ann Berry

Rotary District 5240
PDG Sandi Schwartz

Rotary District 5470
DG David Wood

PP Richard M. May

Rotary District 5280
DG Melody St. John

Rotary District 5500
DG Ellie Patterson



Inpac Wealth Solutions

P.H. Hawaii Corp - Kona Center

Pacific Recreation

PrimeCare Services Hawaii

Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship

Airport Industrial Park
Lisa Hadley

Core Consulting Group
PP Ron Tsukamaki

Hawaii Monarch Chocolate
Terry Lo

Rotary District 5320
DG Marc Aarons

Rotary District 5440
PDG Chuck Rutenburg

Young Realty LLC
PDG Ron Young

DGE Naomi Masuno

PDG John A. Steelquist

PDG Laura Steelquist

PDG Nalani Flinn

PDG Win Schoneman


AG Paul Vierling

Noe Concepts
PP Kanoe Cazimero

The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel
JP Cercillieux

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