Staying on Oahu

Also known as paradise.


Weather The weather in Hawaii tends to be pleasant all year. During the summer months, the average daytime temperature is around 85°F and there may be light or no rainfall on the island of Oahu.

Ocean Similar to the weather, the water temperatures near the shoreline are comfortable throughout the year. During the summer months, the ocean is typically a warm temperature of 80°F with gentle waves that are great for learning to surf on.

Flying in Hawaii

Honolulu International Airport  Most visitors to Hawaii fly into the state’s major airport, Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu. The airport is approximately 8 miles from the Convention Center and Waikiki, where the 2020 Rotary International Convention will take place and most resorts and hotels are located.

Other Major Airports If you plan to visit other islands during your stay, flights are available from Oahu and generally last about 30-45 minutes. While flights are available through regional airports, most travel takes place at the major airports, which are located in the following cities:

  • Kona on the west side of the Island of Hawaii (airport code: KOA)
  • Hilo on the east side of the Island of Hawaii (airport code: ITO)
  • Lanai City on Lanai (airport code: LNY)
  • Kaunakakai on Molokai (airport code: MKK)
  • Kahului on Maui (airport code: OGG)
  • Lihue on Kauai (airport code: LIH)


Getting Around

General Transportation There are multiple ways to travel Oahu’s roads. Enjoy the ride and take in the sights with a shuttle, bus, taxi, ridesharing service Uber or Lyft, bikesharing service Biki, or private driver service.

If you prefer to be in the driver’s seat and travel the island on your own, cars are available for rent at the airport and other locations. Be sure to reserve your rental car ahead of time, as there may be limited inventory, and check with the car rental provider regarding payment options, identification requirements, and other guidelines.

If you plan to travel to other islands, be sure to plan ahead as transportation options vary and may be limited.

Car Rental Partners 
We have special rates with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. Go and experience the beauty of the islands while you are here. To make a reservation click “here” or on the logo’s above.

Air Transportation  Private air charters and air tours by helicopter or airplane are available for hire.

Where to Stay

Accommodations Oahu accommodations include resorts, hotels, rental cottages and condos. You will find places to stay available across Oahu, but the majority are available in and around Waikiki, near where the Convention will be held. This area also offers several restaurants, a variety of shopping options, and numerous beach activities.

Please visit the Rotary International Convention website for additional information on accommodations.

It's Hawaii...the Weather's always great.

Temperatures in Hawaii tend to be consistent and warm all year long. Learn more about the Hawaiian Islands weather and see current temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I register for the Convention in Honolulu? Please visit the Rotary International Convention website to register.

When and how can I book my hotel room for Honolulu? Please visit the Rotary International Convention website for additional information on accommodations. 

How do I sign up for events? Host-ticketed events, as well as tours and activities, can be booked via this website. Additional details may be found on the Convention page.

Rotary-ticketed events can be booked via the Rotary International Convention website.

Who can attend the Rotary International Convention? Registration is open to Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary program alumni, Youth Exchange students, club and district employees, and spouses/partners of deceased Rotarians. Guests can also attend at the appropriate fee.

Are interpretation services available at the convention? Rotary provides interpretation in several languages for the opening ceremony, general sessions, and closing ceremony. Most breakout sessions are conducted in English, but some may also be offered in other languages.

What is the temperature in Honolulu in June? In June, the average temperature is 85°F.

How do I obtain a visa for travel to the Convention? Go to to find out who needs a visa, when to apply, and more.

I would like to volunteer during the Convention. Where can I sign up for this and what kind of tasks are available? Please see our Volunteer page for more details and submit your request.

To see additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), visit the Rotary International Convention website.

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